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​“Mustang Outreach” is a charitable program started in 2017 by the group Taylor Parents in Action.  It consisted of a small parent committee who coordinated with key Taylor staff members who identified students in need.


It began with providing students with backpacks and school supplies donated by our TPA members, and it grew from there!  The Taylor teachers and staff soon began to identify additional student needs.   In 2018-19, the program was able to provide $5,700 helping Taylor students. This was made possible from very generous parent donations, a huge donation by the Pacesetters (through their dance program the previous year about “Harvey”), as well as donations from Project Grad.  In total, Mustang Outreach contributed to band and choir fees, summer school fees, new bicycles for students with no transport to after-school jobs, homecoming mums, a senior varsity jacket, and SAT/ACT fees.   


We continue this great program as one of our own PTA Programs. There are several way you can donate:

  • Via credit card or PayPal credit (link below)

  • Delivering a check to the Taylor Front desk (in an envelope marked “Taylor PTSA - Mustang Outreach”)

  • The donation line on the PTSA Membership Form

  • By contacting Sophia Winkle at


We hope you'll consider supporting this valuable program!

We would like to thank all of you that have supported Mustang Outreach in the past years. Special thanks to Taylor staff members for the time and care they put in for the students who needed support.

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